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2011-09-14 Triple Box Opening
I never expected that I will be doing a triple box opening in my whole life.. haha.. Wyvie was supposed to go home around early october. But for some unknown reason, Iplehouse sent her few weeks earlier. Maybe it's "tadhana" that all three of them arrived at the same time so that their "story" (I'm gonna post that next time when I'm not in lazy mode) will be perfect ^_^

*1 week before the arrival*

The twins was "on shipping" from California.  I expected them to arrive the week after the shipping date. my twins are yuna rose and luna rose (custom house ai petite hanael + custom house lj icarus with ai petite body)

Then 4 days after, I checked Wyvie's ( Iplehouse EID ASA) status order and to my surprise she was on shipping too!!! its a big O M G! and yes the three of them arrived on the same day! haha

Kiara was so excited to see her elder sister Wyvie Crystal (pronounced as way-vi).

Kiara: Welcome home achie (ate)!

Kiara : I so miss you achie!
Wyvie : don't worry shobe (little sister), achie will never leave again. We'll find dichie together from now on ^_^

I have a surprise for you shobe! Guess who is with me?

OMG! I think I know who's here!

It's baby Yuna from the orphanage!

Hmm where is your twin Luna?

There you are! Yuna's very shy twin sister Luna Rose

My happy family! =) (Yuna will be wearing black hair from now on.. I actually ruined her curly hair.. XD)

2011-08-27 Maitre Chocolatier Meet
super love the food here <3

* I'm a bit lazy today.. so I'm not gonna post everything here.. if you want to see the whole album, add Kiara Crystal in fb.. everything is there.. ^_^

The goddess collection feat. Kiara Crystal

2011-07-30 Krispy Kreme mini meet
went to a mini meet in krispy kreme greenhills.

super cute dae doing a handstand <3

then the krispy kreme scandal happened.. O.o kitt and aahil

The power puff boys feat. kai, kitt and aahil

aahil so embarassed =))

The girls Simone, Kiara, Dae and Naya

2011-07-17 Boracay
went to boracay with family and Kiara. =)

a little bit excited.. nasa airport pa lang nka swimsuit na.. hahahahaha

kiara at the beach (kiara loves the beach so much <3)

mahangin ba sa labas? (yes super super super mahangin) =)))

night swimming at boracay regency's hotel

2011-07-03 Golden Sunset
My aunt was curious about this resort somewhere in Batangas. It's called the golden sunset. So we went there and check it out ^__^

2011-06-25 88 resort
I heard the news about this certain resort in laguna. They said it is beautiful and most of the guest are koreans. It's the 88 resort. I am at laguna almost every week (my family usually go to a private pool in laguna) and I keep seeing this 88 resort on the side of the road.. at first I thought it is just a normal resort. But woah its big inside. and I love the hot pools.. so relaxing.. <3

It's sizzling  hot. very relaxing (for my hun haha) I'm not really into super super hot pools..

rocking horses for kids are available ^_^

huge field of grass where you can rest and relax

Kiara feel so tall beside this tree =)

2011-06-12 Bulacan
Dad is searching for this resort in Bulacan.. the thing is he forgot the name of the resort. and the address of the resort.. *sigh*

So we decided to go to my auntie's house instead. I have nothing to do so I decided to have a little photo session with my kiara ^__^ (all the people around the neighborhood are staring at her lolz)

2011-06-11 Doll Meet @nomnomnom
yay its my first time to attend a doll meet.. I am so happy to meet many doll owners ^^ can't wait for the next one ^_~ oh and I bought so many things for Kiara.. weee =D





2011-05-22 Meidolls
I recently heard this coffee shop with waitresses that wears maid outfit.. its called meidolls.. ^^

very nice people, they allow picture taking with them